Sunday, 10 March 2013

RoarCast, Season 2, Episode: An Evening With Chris Fong - 10/3/13

Tonight we have a very special episode of The RoarCast, A special supplement as it were. The RoarCast was lucky enough to spend some time with Roar Vice-Chairman, Chris Fong and Roar General Manager, Sean Dobson asking and answering questions. This isn't an interview with both but a special show where the the information gained is given out into the community. Wondering about how the Bakries came to buy BRFC? Tune in. Wondering about the rumoured Stadium? Tune in. Wondering about the training ground and home base? Tune in. This and a lot, lot more. Don't forget, as this show is a special, we will be back at our regular upload time of Tuesday evening to discuss all things Roar over the past week!

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