Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Roarcast, Season 2, Episode 3 - 22/1/13

New update! Wrap up from the WSW game, the W-League Semi Vs. SFC. A preview of the Perth match and a frank discussion on the Bakries, Enjoy and stay tuned for our new Facebook page which at the moment is a bit sparse but will be updated shortly!


  1. G'day guys

    First time I've listened to the podcast, and I've got a few suggestions / comments. I'm not attempting to be inflammatory and of course you are more than welcome to delete this comment if you feel it's too negative. I am completely aware this is an amateur podcast by a group of fans so hopefully this doesn't come across too harsh.

    * Adam, you've got a good voice for this mate but more importantly you are quick with your comments and you've got an idea of what it is that you want to say. Thumbs up

    * Dave, Perhaps not as strong as Adam but same thing again, good concise and mostly agreeable comments.

    * Chad, Sorry mate but you don't come across all that prepared even from the very start you weren't aware of scores and basic information that should be sitting in front of you ready to go. Your opinions are fine, same as every other Roar fan I speak to but the way you present them is a bit patchy. Also probably try to stick to a vocab you are comfortable with.

    * I can't honestly see how this podcast can go for an hour, I was sitting listening to it while I was working and completely zoned out halfway through. If you were focussing on the whole league then I can imagine an hours’ worth of content to talk about but for our one little team I would think that half an hour of punchy, interesting, topical dialogue is all you should need.

    * The intro goes for too long, a minute and a half is excessive

    * For some reason you can't skip through the podcast (I'm on Google chrome) I lost connection at 20 minutes having to restart then lost connection at 7 minutes and had to restart a second time.

    I love podcasts and I'm looking forward to this as another one of my regulars. I don't know if you listen to Football Weekly but that might give you an idea of how to set out your 30 - 50 mins of content, with regards to timing and delivery etc.

    Cheers fellas, I'll be checking back next week to give it another go

  2. Good discussion, I found the Roar in the first half seemed like the Roar of old, in that they seemed to have a desire to chase the ball and want to keep the ball. Something I haven't really seen them do this season.
    The second half we were chasing the ball but only because we didn't have the possession.