Sunday, 4 March 2012

Episode 3

Hey Guys! New podcast is up! This week things are getting serious. A gut wrenching draw to Heart only made better by the fact CCM have stumbled. ACL finally comes to Queensland. Tomorrow night is the big one. I have some FC Tokyo team news that may or may not be heard in other places so have a listen, And I also have the first ever FANTAILS segment which is fantastic, Patrick Lindsay, is my first guest for the segment. It's all there and more!

Next week; Wrap up of FCT game with a special guest, Ben Maxwell who publishes the English Language 'On the Gas' (, an autopsy on that match as well as our LAST HOME MATCH of the season against Adelaide UTD. I thought this podcast was good, Next week will be massive! 2 segments of FANTAILS (if you want to chat, come see me in the Stadium Bar (Tuesday Vs. FCT & Sunday Vs. AU) and the rest... Well let's just hope that Perth wins the 3 and Brisbane will be rolling into the last 2 weeks in our rightful place!

Cheers Guys!



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